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Specialists in Wasps Control and Wasp Nest Treatment

Wasps Control

Especially in the warmer months of the year, wasps can cause a real problem to both domestic and commercial properties. If the wasps are in larger numbers, they can also sometimes cause damage to your property as well as being a general nuisance and a danger to the health and safety of people in close proximity to the nest. We can assist with removing wasps from your property, in any location and at any height. Don’t try and tackle the problem yourself - always call the experts.

Wasp Nest Treatment

Our wasp nest treatment, like our removal, will eradicate any wasps stemming from the nest in question, so you need not worry about a potential sting when you're out enjoying the sun. Some nests can be in extremely hard to reach places, of course these can be removed upon your request, but they often dissipate over time making it largely unnecessary. Our effective treatments will rid you of your wasp problem for good, ensuring that the nest is never fit for re-use.